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When you start up, every bit counts, including your product, leadership, team and physical location. However, I believe the most crucial factor is your company’s domain name.
A domain is not just your online store; it’s your brand. There is a famous saying: "As you name the boat, so shall it float." Therefore, if your domain doesn’t define what your business does, there is less chance that your company will stay afloat.
While very creative domain extensions are popping up these days (such as .pizza, .photography, or even .ai), I have found that .com is still the king. First, it's intuitive: Most users instinctively type “.com” at the end of every domain, and even autocorrect is more likely to add that. Second, it helps prevent unwanted user experiences. If you choose another extension and the user wrongly types in .com, you risk leading the user to an error page. Worse, if it is owned by another company, you may lead them to the wrong website and lose a prospective customer!..
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