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discuss Which extension worked for you the most?

I know that .COM is the king but it may not be the king for everyone. Different people have different stories and I am sure, there is more to other extensions than meets the eye.

For example, I was a .COM outbound domainer for long until I started investing in extensions like XYZ, CO, IO etc. And the last 2 have worked for me better, provided me better output in terms of return per hour invested and I am happy about investing in them, over .COMs.

Which extension is your king?


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.xyz for me in terms of n/o sales (I am still building a portfolio and have been focusing on flipping towards other investors). .com in terms of real value though I would say due to one bigger sale (with my measures) on SH. Been around for to short of a time to have a proper say here thought with a year in the game :). Biggest sale so far in .com followed by .rocks - - my first handreg as well btw =) and the reason I started domaining.

However I do not see the value in asking this question here. Believe the answer lies in - just look at extensions and values and volumes ;). .com dominates and .xyz is bubbling (yet small bubbles in a big pond but also low hurdles to get invested with 1$ handregs.)
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