question Which businesses would be more willing to spend budget on buying an exact-match domain?

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Hi! After having studied the trends and origin (provenience) of organic traffic to one of my names' sales lander, I have come to the conclusion that this domain would be valuable to housing/real estate firms and private loans providers based in the US.

I am not disclosing the name (English term, no trademark), and I'll just assume my conclusion is right. So, based on that conclusion, and given that I still don't know enough about those particular markets in the US, I would appreciate if you could comment on the following specific doubts:

Do these businesses really need to compete to attract customers/clients?; how do these businesses usually handle their marketing strategies, i.e., how do I get my name seen by the right decision maker?

I've read here on NP about the pros and cons of outbound vs just listing or waiting, but perhaps there are more options you would like to suggest.

Thank you in advance for your kind help!
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