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    My forte is starting businesses. In most cases I've had a business idea first, and then came up with a name for the business. However, I've registered 1,500 domains in the last year, of which only a few I would like to develop. I've narrowed the businesses ideas down to four. Assuming I already have a pretty good name for each of these businesses, any suggestions about which business you would start first? Thanks,

    Business #1 An Online "Diet Business" that involves food groups that "net" zero calorie's for the body once digested....the work of digestion burns as many calories as are in the food to start with. Think celery or mushrooms. This is not a diet for life, but a kick off diet to jump start any other diet. To monetize this business model, the 20 or so food groups that have been identified as having zero net calories could be advertisers, and forms of these food groups could be sold online....."no cal H2O etc."

    Business #2 "First Car Memory"....everyone has owed or driven a first car, and everyone when asked doesn't mind telling what it was, and sharing memories about it. This business would also be online, and "best stories" in 250 words or less could win up to $1,000. Merchandise like t-shirts with your first car on it, and other merchandise like beer mugs, coffee mugs and commemorative license plates could have pictures of your first car. Would make great gifts for xmas, birthdays, fathers day etc. Finally, once you're attracting enough eyeballs, advertising would be sold to Ford, GM, VW, and Classic Car Dealers.

    Business #3 "Speed Golf Game" Ever hear of "Foot Golf"? Basically, it's played like soccer, but on a golf course. I've come up with an idea for a new golf game that involves the use of just three clubs, a masher/driver a wedgeon/iron and a nutter/putter. This new game also involves running/jogging, and most important, drinking. I'll leave it up to the reader how I would intend to monetize this business.

    Business #4 "Domain Name Scoring"....this business model, using the KISS principle, would "score" domains both objectively and subjectively. I've had experience working in other industries where "scoring" became a integral part of each industry. This has also led to scoring for all sorts of names like, business names, building names, street names, sports team names, boat names....etc. While this idea is still in its infancy stage, I'm hoping this might just catch the eye of some of the real name pros who frequent this message board.

    There you have it....any thoughts, ideas, suggestions on where to start? Thanks,
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    I recommend that you start with the diet business, it won't be easy but not as bad as the other three. Domain name scoring is confusingly similar to domain name appraisal which is widely available for free from godaddy etc. People want the bottom line dollars and cents, not a unitless score. Speed golf is covered like a blanket by Speed Golf International and others, see wikipedia. Consider backing away from the first car memory project out of professional courtesy to Milt Martin, the buyer of a few weeks ago reported here.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. There's actually more money to be made in the Diet Business than the other three. The "zero" or "no cal" diet" names should attract curious and sometimes desperate dieters.

    And I do appreciate your comments about the other business'd make a good start up analyst:xf.wink:

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