What Will Happen to Your Digital Estate When You Die?

Labeled as advice in Domain Industry News started by Alvin Brown, Aug 6, 2018.


  1. Alvin Brown

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    While thousands of websites and domains are commissioned and decommissioned daily, digital estate planning for persons and businesses goes unchecked, if ever pondered.

    Stories of lost websites and domain portfolios due to the untimely death or disability of business owners, especially domain investors, is on the rise.

    Why forfeit your time, effort, and money to complete strangers that pay pennies on the dollar to assume your domain portfolio due to lack of digital estate planning?

    Assuming domain portfolios is a reality happening each and every day throughout the world due to lack of sound counsel and planning.

    Such costly incidents could easily be avoided by simply executing 6 Principles of Digital Estate Planning and Management.

    Rather than a reactive stance towards digital estate planning and management, I encourage you to take a proactive stance to protect a legacy, your legacy, that’s priceless.
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  2. Addison

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  3. OmarVG

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    I don't trust my family members! lol they don't deserve my portfolio...
    I don't want to think about this problem, right now I am healthy and I am not planning to die soon hahahaha!
  4. Bob Hawkes

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    This is an important topic, and even though there has been a bit of discussion earlier, glad to see that it was started and the link to the article.

    I think that it is critical to have as good written directions and information as possible. Also, ideal if you can find someone to help executor of estate with questions. If entering a period of major health treatment always wise to set autorenew to on for any valuable domains in portfolio.

    For those of us getting on in years, a related question is whether it may well be wise to gradually edge out of the business, at least in a major way. In conventional investing some writing lately on it being wise to move from stock picking or other active strategies into a simplified index portfolio so family members don't need to be proactive if our judgement fails. Of course, most wise advice is to use low cost index funds always!
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  5. lennco

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    Then you had better be careful when crossing a street.....

  6. myfavorite

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    Very important info. I think there was a case discussed on this platform about a very valuable crypto name that dropped and it was discovered the owner was late.

    Thanks for sharing
  7. robert widener

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    great thread , important info , a must read for ALL domainers . thanks for sharing :xf.smile:
  8. .X.

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    My wife has the full set of keys to my complete portfolio, and i have an estimated value - asking price for each domain name in a spread sheet, she could sell and liquidate my portfolio with very little effort if needed.
  9. D Haynes

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    Mine would be lost to the world. The renewals would stop and they would likely drop without so much as a single bid on GD expired auctions or closeouts lol.
  10. platey

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    as Google and facebook etc have in excess of 6000 plus domain names allegedly and their portfolios will be premium and some of those will be super super premium and they not only have the Internet to themselves at the same the moment but Friday their domain name portfolios will contain the tech concepts of the tomorrow and next xt century etc so they too will be be thinking about what happens to their portfolios

    I reckon Google will create a website where a person can list their digital land eg domain 's and crypto and Google would be e the digital land owner of the Internet and Google would pay the renewals for you and it wouldn't cost them 1p because they would add ads to a each landing page per domain

    so Google would become the world's biggest estate agent that would pay and future sales in to your estate forever

    your digital estate has a value and you know your investing St strategy and the value of your digital estate etc but chances are that those close to you might not etc as not everyone is or understands domain name investors etc

    But the problem is that just in real life lol the legal sector will want to charge you some money big juicy fees for managing your digital estate etc
  11. dna

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    Trust me on this, when you are dead, you won't care what happens to your domain names.
  12. Alvin Brown

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    While there is a kernel of truth in what you say, it would be sad for it and you've worked for in life to all go down the drain in one generation without proper succession planning. While I live in the moment, I also want my life and life's work to have benefited more than just me, preferably transcend many generations to benefit others. 😊

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