advice What to do when you have more domains than you can manage

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This isn't exactly about domain management, but what to do when you have too many domains that should be developed but don't have time to work on them all.

I have a number of domains I want to develop with a site but I don't have the time, of money to be honest, to develop them because of the current sites I am running and putting money into.

Im working on sites Ive had for over 10 years but I should be doing something with other domains I have instead of just having them renewing every year.

Has anyone else been in the same situation and what have you done?
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i think you should just work on 1 site at a time. get that one up and running and producing some income.

then the burden of carrying other domains won't be so heavy.

it's the same philosophy with domain parking, one hopes to earn enough from a few, to carry the load of the portfolio, until a sales is made.

still, in both situations, you can always let some names drop, which are unproductive.

I also had the same situation have some domain, i bought only for development, and was keeping them for more than 5 or more year. Out of those my two of favorite domains dropped and by not paying the renewal cost, one (the most valuable) i got back luckily. but other could not.
But at the end this thing brought me to domaining, and even i could not develop my domain into good sites but ultimately it is now paying me off.
At the end of day I become domainer as well.
In my personal experience, I would say that it's best to start small with development. The lesson learned for me is to never buy I domain I'm not willing to fully develop in under 2 weeks.

Also, try not to look at the your domains as a whole number if you are swamped with a good size portfolio. When looking at your domains as a whole, there's a tendency to be crushed by the sheer number of domains.

I review my portfolio on a monthly basis, and have set criteria for those I keep and drop. I make not exceptions should the domain not meet criteria.

Also, I personally aim to sell/flip at least 6 domains a year to cover my domain renewal expenses. I also lease traffic to companies as well as park domains that perform, and this adds to the renewal pot as well.
What about this plan...
- sell1 domain, use the proceeds to develop another domain
- use revenue from the developed domain to develop more domains