How do you manage domains?

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    You can use a tool called DomainsHook for that. You can add your domains manually or use registrar API to add domains. There are many other features like calendar, folders and manage DNS etc.
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    I ended up listing all our names on Uniregistry marketplace and manage there. They make it easy to upload lists and create folders to categorize names. I can also perform bulk edits and move domains around between folders with ease.

    I self-broker the majority of our names on Uniregistry and use their CRM to manage inquiries. I can also record notes for each name too. And if I make a change to a name, I then manual update the other marketplaces using Uniregistry as the master copy.

    If I sell a domain name using Uniregistry CRM on an inquiry that is not assigned to Uniregistry brokerage, the fees are very low. This makes it easy to set baseline prices on Uniregistry, and then markup accordingly to account for higher commissions on other marketplaces.

    One final note concerning creating folders (categories) in Uniregistry. I work mostly in Niche, so this allows me to group domains by market/industry. So I have one folder for all our Automotive related names, another folder for Exercise, another for Beauty & Personal Care, etc. So if a buyer asks about a name -- it's always the category killer name they land on -- I can then click on the category folder and pull up all the related names and offer them alternatives all in one place.

    I also sub-niche the markets manually and store them in our database. So Automotive ends up expanding out like so.

    Auto Parts / Tires / Salvage Yards
    Car Wraps / Aftermarket
    Dealers / Classifieds
    Fuel / Parking
    Marine / Motorcyle
    Mechanics / Auto Repair / Service
    Rental / Rideshare
    Services / Aftermarket
    Towing / Road Service
    Transport / Logistics

    I'm also capturing search and SEO stats for each name and storing it in our database. It's a manual process currently, but definitely looking to automate using a low-cost solution.

    Our plan to launch our site for Niche names within the next week. I'll then automate some of the manual tasks and add a backend admin console for managing names and add some new features.

    Shout out to @Bob Hawkes for recommending in a post. I was able to hand reg for this project after pouring through a bunch of available names generated by the tool.

    Looks like a lot of other development going on in this area amongst the group. Very encouraging. I'll share whatever tools or APIs I come across while building this out.

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