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New here.
I'm trying to sell few domains I'm holding for many years.
What should be the price range I should ask for them?
I'm having them for months in the market place and none of them are sold yet.
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May be AdPivot com may interest SEM and digital marketing outfits. The rest, I am not so sure.

Typically, out of every 100 domains, the average domainer with a well balanced portfolio is supposed to sell around 2 of them every 12 months. That is, a sales through rate of (STR) of 2%.

You should therefore not feel discouraged having put only 4 domains on the market for mere months without a sale, provided your portfolio is also well balanced.

Your BIN price for AdPivot is in line with similar ad-related domains at BrandBucket. AdPivot is a brandable name so perhaps Sedo is not the best platform to sell it. You should consider selling this domain at BrandBucket, SquadHelp, BrandPa etc. Just be aware these brandable marketplaces will not accept any names but I will be surprised if they don't accept AdPivot. Their commission is also steeper than Sedo's.

Good luck with your domains!
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••• = $10 to $45
The rest = $0 to $10 each = Reseller Value Speculation (NOT an end user speculation)