What makes you bid on a domain at auction?

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    What makes you bid on a domain at auction?

    Besides the usual suspects like Age or Length or extension .com being the king or niche or if it's expired or owned by another domainer or "ear test"? and of course Namebio data.

    What other variables do you factor into whether you will bid on a domain?

    would these help?

    1. provide monthly search volume.
    2. Google search results.
    3. in title:
    4. PPC or CPC prices?
    5. number of ads for the search results for the keywords of a domain?
    6. Is it a brandable?
    7. How about social media hashtags # or mentions.
    8 Here's one. If your domain is two words and you took each word and checked the uspto or wipo website to see how many trademarks contain that keyword? would this be an selling point at auction?
    9. How about checking the keywords with the inventory of say Huge Domains or BuyDomains? or DomainMarket? or any of the other big time portfolios?
    10. How about checking the whois databases and an amount of how many domains registered containing the same keywords?

    Did I miss any? Please share. Thanks.
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    end users matter

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