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What LLL or NNN ngtlds you own at regular renewal price

Labeled as new gtlds in gTLD Discussion, started by ikhub, Jun 12, 2017


  1. ikhub

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    Most of the new gtlds priced all their three letter (LLL) and three numbers (NNN) domains as premiums with premium registration and premium renewal fees.
    There are a few which got slipped and perhaps someone registered it and renewing it at normal price.
    List your LLL or NNN ngtlds with regular renewal price if you own any.
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  2. Brands.International

    Brands.International Marek VIP

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    I personally do not have any LLL or NNN new gTLDs. As I can see it this is not the same game as in .com, as there are so many of new extensions...so the "rarity" of NNN or LLL will be very difficult to achieve. In times when we had only .com as broad TLD this made sense..but not when we have so many options.

    Registering LLL or NNN in new gTLDs (with idea which goes like "I am going to resell on Chinese market") is not working in 2017, and it will also not work in future (from domainers perspective)..although this is just my opinion :)

    The fact that registries priced them highly does not mean that end user are crazy for them..it just means that some registries blindly applies logic from .com times..it is more easier for their stuff to do so, as everybody know where range for NNN starts and where it ends, not much intelectual work involved there..it is much easier then correctly identifying (and pricing accordingly) good combos relevant for specific new extension..

    But if someone really needs to go this route, I would definitely advise NNN then, registering LLL is really not the way for profit for domainer...many of people who complains now about how new gTLDs are unprofitable already went this route, only to drop such names 1 or 2 years later..

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