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  1. BeforeTheDot

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    I am looking for the best WordPress theme for a new website that I am developing,

    We want to help others in their fight by hearing from the survivors who beat cancer and from families of cancer patients who fought hard until the end. Not just from cancer patients but family and how they dealt with it (a different type of battle). From spouses, parents, siblings, and friends.

    We want to hear their journey with chemo, radiation, surgery, and what they had to deal with day by day. There may be someone out there who is just starting their battle and maybe something they say will help them in their fight to beat cancer.
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  2. loredan

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    There is no such thing as "the best Wordpress theme". Lots of quality themes out there, just look on ThemeForest, SiteOrigin. Elegant Themes, etc...

    However I think such a great domain as deserves a custom built, unique theme to stand out from the crowd.
  3. Recons.Com

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    You don't need custom theme. Not only it will cost fortune, you will have to spend a fortune to maintain it and keep it safe.

    Just buy a theme that looks great and has 5 star review, great control panel, features you need and pay low- mid xxx to customize it to a unique design. Remember to request that all customization is done in a child theme. Otherwise you will lose it at the next upgrade.
  4. mr-x

    mr-x Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    You should be asking a designer / developer,
  5. Ategy

    Ategy VIP Gold Account

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    As was already stated, there is no "best theme". The whole point of themes is having the ability to pick the "best theme for you".

    All that said .. it sounds like you might actually not want wordpress at all if you're looking to have more shared discussions. You might want to look at making a forum instead.

    Either way sounds like you're doing something good and I hope you succeed! :) .. However, at the same time you really haven't come to the right place for such advice .. this is a domain forum (but on that note I can affirm that you have a great domain for what you want to do)! :)
  6. SirDrago

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    Divi theme or Flatsome theme.
    Happy your doing something positive with that domain.
    I could help YOU with keys for either if you like, just PM me.
  7. Steven McEvoy

    Steven McEvoy VIP

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    Check out just make sure to read the reviews and choose a theme that is still supported by the creater.

    If you need help shoot me a pm, I've been working with WP and web design for about 10 years now.
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  8. YairDD

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    2,906 is the place for you, just browse there until you find something you like.

    You have an amazing domain, good luck!!
  9. jamesosix

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    Look at generatepress. It's a great framework and the premium version is very cheap. The support is second to none!
  10. Nahdism

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    I guess I can't suggest the exact theme you want, but I think, I can help you figure out what to look for.

    Whichever marketplace you choose to purchase your theme from, please use the search terms "Frontend Submit", so that your users can share their stories directly in a blog form, rather than just commenting on what you post.

    Please also make sure the theme is a bit colorful and vibrant because it might give hope to someone still suffering.
  11. frank-germany

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    there is no best theme
    but there is a best place to promote your domain
  12. BrandPlease

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    I have prob 12 Theme Forest, Genesis Themes, and can tell you any one of them is great. You cant go wrong there.

    Here is another one for all to check out. Now, these are Genesis (you have to buy or own the Genesis framework) but check out - they have quite a few of great, free, and very fast wordpress Genesis theme (child themes) - its worth checking out and free!

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