What is catch in "BrandBucket published/accepted domains offering very low price..?!

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    Hi NamePros...

    I saw many requests with titles "BrandBucket/BrandPa phblisshed domains wanted..."
    And they usually offer low XX...

    What is the point of this... isn't this a loss for sellers?!

    I mean they have to pay for BB/BP for their domains to be considered..and again why will they sell here if the domains are already accepted/published on BB/BP...

    Am I missing something here...

    Also can someone who has good experience in brandable names and/or at BB/BP/BR/Namerific markets answer my questions...

    1. How much do we need to pay to get accepted/published our domains...
    2. What is the time frame after submitting domain till it's accepted/published?!
    3. Is there any limit on submission..
    4. Can we submit domains from ngTLD/ccTLDs ?!
    (If we think the combination makes a good brand name...)
    5. Can we submit domain hacks? Sometimes the hacks will be more powerful than
    6. Do we need to update our nameservers to redirect to BB/BP?!
    7. If it is accepted we basically we are selling our domain... that's it right.. I mean the name will be used as a brand according to buyers intereats...
    8. What is the commission range...and till how many days we need to list? Till it is sold ?
    9. Is there any particular registrar preferred? I mean I mainly have domains from GoDaddy... NameCheap...and now NetSol..
    10. From what I saw on NamePros...the names are mostly short...have an extra letter/omitted a letter (like typo)
    11. Can we list in other marketplaces, like Sedo/Afternic simultaneously with BB/BP etc.

    Any other suggestions... I need to follow..?!

    Thanks for your time...

    Your points will be guidelines for me...
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  2. Recons.Com

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    It all boils down to the perceived sale through of the marketplace, plus cost of getting names to there.

    If you are good at picking handregs with BB taste in mind, then you might get 30%-40% approved. So listing can cost you only around $3. Registrations can cost $5 to $8.5 depending on promo and platform. So some can get hundred of names listed at an average cost of just $8 to $12 per name. And because they believe they can get more of this and they either are cash strapped or don't believe in those names themselves too much or just weed out the worse ones, they post them for sale at $10 to $25 here and then rinse and repeat.

    When BB sell through was perceived to be at 4% and higher, BB names were selling here at $25 to $60.
  3. karmaco

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    Lotta questions. Some answers can be found on the sites themselves.

    If you use brandable marketplaces you must point your name servers there exclusively. No listing anywhere else unless you give 30 day notice to remove the names.

    People try to get names dirt cheap here brandable or otherwise. Some people buy because the names are allready accepted/listed. It’s a matter of convenience. People sell to thin their portfolio.

    Study the type of names that appear on each site. You will see patterns like completely made up, 5 letters, 4 letters, certain suffixes used frequently etc.

    Follow the Brandpa and. Brandbucket threads for much more info. We also have a thread of recently published brandables.
  4. tvanrijt

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    Hey there!

    I resold a fair bunch of BB published domains, so I can give you insight in why I did it.

    First of all: most of the domains that are sold for that price are the lower end of BB names. There are so many of them, it is basically a numbers game. Let's say I reg a random name like "", submit it and it is accepted for $1795. However, a buyer can also choose "" or "potora".com", or even other slightly similar names. For keywords it is the same thing: is a cool name, but what if they can also choose CloudShark, CloudCat and some others?

    That is why I opted to always play the numbers game. Sure, I like some names, but if I can sell a name for $30 and that gives me the money to reg and publish 3 names, I have 2 extra names on BB.

    What I also sometimes did was buy names in bulk, for instance buy 13 names for $20, then sell 10 for $20 a piece. The original seller is glad to get a nice sum in 1 go, I am happy to wait a bit longer and ultimately have 3 names for free on BB.

    Currently, I am also redesigning my portfolio. I noticed the acceptance rate of my made up brandables was a lot higher than my keyword brandables. Sure, I like good keyword names. However, I have to accept that I apparently don't pick the right ones. So if I now sell my keyword BB names and focus on madeup brandables with similar pattern, I have a more focussed portfolio.

    BB has 50.000 names. If my portfolio consists of a little bit of everything, my names will hardly ever stand out. However, if I focus on a specific brandable pattern and mainly have those in my portfolio, it is easier for me to get noticed when a buyer is looking for one of those names.

    I can't say if this will be a succes yet, but at least I have a plan and therefore a reason to sell a bunch of my BB names :)

    One last thing: if one of my names gets close to the renewal date, the reseller value will drop (since people need to renew rightaway), so I also tend to sell names that are 3-4 month close to their renewal date and use the money to invest in a name that is regged for (almost) a year. That way, I also have no renewal fees (or at least minimal) .

    This is my reasoning of why I resell BB names. I am still a small seller though, but for me, this is the way to slowly scale my portfolio without investing a lot. Works for me. And if I don't end up selling names, I can resell them and from that money I can buy higher quality names :)

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