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    Buying and selling Domains is not as easy as you might think. It's a tricky industry to be involved in Buying is easy. Selling not so much You will easily get addicted to the practise without really knowing what it's all about. It is constantly changing but there's one word that keeps coming up. TRAFFIC. It's Organic type in Traffic to be precise. You will see a lot of extensions in the market such as .net .org .club .xyz .online .io etc BUT when you are just starting out (.)com is king The average online user knows about this extension. It is glued in their mind to type it in their browser when they are searching for something When I was starting out, went through a learning process losing 6k on useless domain names that no one would ever think off the top of their head . Those premium domains such as the product keyword focussed furniture(.)com , Bricks(.)com shoes(.)com, property(.)com realestate(.)com, etc are long gone and you will need to spend big bucks to acquire them on secondary markets that is if they are still available.
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    buying high quality domains not so easy today, unless you're willing to go the distance with other bidders

    but when you do acquire one, then reselling it may not be so hard.

  3. davidwilly

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    yes i agree with that once we buy one domain reselling it is very easy
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    Not to mentioned you need to have the holding power for your domain until someone offers you a price.
    I have asked around people in this forum, some hold their domain for as long as 5 years until they sell them off.
  5. re3v3ng

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    good insights, thank you!
  6. biggie

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    yes, the ability to be able to wait, whether it be patience or just not needing to sell.

    i've held some names 10 yrs before selling and have sold some names the same day, after I got them.

    it depends...

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    Way ahead of you but screw buying anything if it cannot be sold with out someone typing it in and finding it. I can find rippers all day but will never make time to take on new niches for one offs unless that one off is going to be typed in again and often.
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    I have domains which were paid for 20 years.
    I have domain which I kept for 10 years and sold with almost 1 million percent profit.
    I have domains which I renewed for 10+ years, and dropped.
    I sold domains for mid 3 figures long time ago, and I see them in drop lists and don't try to buy.
    I had a domain which received high 3 figure offer, whch I didn't accept, and dropped it after many years of renewing, and new owners also dropped it , and I didn't try to buy it.
    I bought domains for 100 usd when I was a poor student with big debt, and now when I'm much richer if I see they are available for 1 bucks I won't buy them.
    I handregged a domain and dropped it after one year, and it was sold for 2500 soon after I dropped it.
    I was thinking until last year, that trying to make money from .com's was a bad idea. Now I see potential there, but I'm still not sure if profit can be guaranteed.
    Each type of domain has risk. But big money changes hands in .com world. This doesn't mean it is less risky. It is just big.

    Yes, difficult part is selling part. You can have domains which people want, but they just won't buy it even if price is low. What can you do: nothing, maybe except manipulating their minds.
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  10. richasis

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    I held one for 15+ years and, after refusing as little as 1K throughout the interim, sold it for almost 100K.

    I will leave it to others to do the math and debate the pros-and-cons of "sell it now vs.hold for the future".

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