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What have you learnt about domaining in 2021?



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As a newbie, more or less, i came to the party when nfts, crypto and metaverse locomotive had left the station, so I've been playing catch-up all along. After the announcement by Zuck, I went into a domain-buying spree. Ok, not quite a spree; but, I broke my own record. Looking back, some of the domains I bought are crap. Heck, who in their right minds registers, and yet I did, among other meta nonsense that smugly rest in my portfolio, at least for a year. I would post some of these names here and I would be butchered by the pros. I was even offended once and posted a thread to give them a piece of my mind. Long story short, I have learnt one thing: the pros are the ones making money. They know what I don't know. They have been in this business for a long time. No matter how I feel about a domain, it pays to listen to those who actually understand domaining. My fellow newbies, or newly graduated newbies, what have you learnt since you joined NamePros? And to the experts such as Bob and others, what pitfalls do newbies like me need to be aware of and avoid? For those who may have been offended by any of my rants or uninformed posts, I apologize. Now I'm ready to learn and make some money in 2022, and I need your mentorship.
At this point instead of doing deep dive and getting into analysis paralysis, read and learn as broad as possible.
Absorb everything and you will connect the dots at some point.
I suggest all the past sherpa podcasts, kickstart commerce, Digital Fortune, DNWire

Read the Namebio daily sales data religiously.

Check out the DSAD and DomainSmoke daily lists, but don't buy yet.
Checkout the daily active auctions on Godaddy/Dropcatch/NameJet
See what people are buying, what they are selling... Until you get it..

Once you know people are buying, only then will it seem silly how as a newbie without knowing anything regged hundreds of names.

Because after you know what to buy, you will find that everything worth buying will be out of budget.

But with patience and tenacity, you will find opportunities. But first learnt what names to buy