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    I think I am going to undertake a writing project called Domaining for Newbies by Newbies! I would love to see some suggestions. As you think back to your journey, what are 5 things or so you wish you knew before embarking on the journey? If you don't mind, will you share your experience, years, successes, failures?
    I would love to learn more about strategy and the various processes you go through before making a transaction, sale or purchase.
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    My two-year anniversary in domain speculation is in June 2017. I started with a $5K bankroll from miscellaneous savings. Mistake #1 was taking $3,500 and spending it on ngtlds.whatever, lost every penny renewed none. I took the remaining $1,500 and hand regged a dot-com, flipped it i 60 days later for $5K; in an undersell; needed the cash. just under 11 months later, I flipped a $1,500 buy it now dot-Com for $7,000.

    Close to closing my 3rd sale to an end user very soon...

    Originally, I registered about 300 domains in my first 6 months, I dropped everything but 10 domains from my original purchases. I came in during the nGTLD hype. It wasn't until I started reading books written on domain speculation and found RicksBlog that I realized my stupidity. I now own less than 100 dot-Com domains, and expect 2018 to be the year that I make my first $100K sell. I want to make DNjournal top 100 YTD sales, before the music stops after 2020.

    However, as I have said before, the 2018-2020 time period will be the 2nd Gold Rush for domain sales of premium keyword dot-Coms with commercial meaning. Then the politicos will fully weaponize WIPO, trademark law, and the anti-Cyber squatting law; so, my advice to newbies is that if you are entering domain speculation in 2017, you are lucky, because the nGTLD ponzi scheme is being exposed and the 2017 retail apocolypse is in motion. Just remember to read about business daily, read about domain speculation, and when you decide to invest buy low and sell high to end users; focus on retail buyers.

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