What does your average (domaining) day look like?

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Hello everyone,

Since I am quite new to the business I find it really hard to get an idea of what an average day looks like for the average domainer. So just a couple of questions:

1. How much time do you spend domaining each day?

2. What things do you spend your time on (reading, selling, reaching out etc)? How do you divide your day?

3. What kind of domains are your focus?

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Hi, and welcome to namepros.

Well I work full time in the shipping industry so I am not a full time domainer. However, as I hold a senior position here and we do have quiet spells, I spend most of my time reading posts on here and having input also. I list quite a bit for auction on here as I'm happy to make a little profit on a quick flip.

I like to check out weekly sales on and I spend quite a bit of time scouring through (this is a great site and they have a fantastic market place) I also watch at least 1 show a week on Mike @DomainSherpa has some great guys on his shows and you will learn a LOT!!

My main focus is .com but, depending on whats trending I will look at many other extensions such as 4L .nets,, keyword .info and as I'm in the UK I do have a lot of domains.
1. How much time do you spend domaining each day?

There is a quiet few pros who do this business full time and spend entire time with domaining.
for me, it's a hobby and I do spend most of domaining time on NP or read over common marketplaces look up for a good investment / good deals.

2. How do you divide your day?

Share your time between educating yourself, read as much as articles as you can, watch daily sales charts to get in the picture of the business, avoid instant appraisal services, watch marketplaces, invest in the quality domains only, stick with TLDs, learn how to contact potential end users once you get some quality domains.

3. What kind of domains are your focus?

I personally .com with long term investment, quality keywords with high volume of searches,
I am avoiding chip (Chinese premium domains) because I don't believe it will return the investment, but it is just my personal view.

Good luck and enjoy :)
Most of your day should be spent looking for domain names either through filtering or through contacting people to buy or reaching out to so sell your domains.

I would say 70% of my day is filtering/scanning for domain names (I don't personally work on the selling part my biz partner works on that, I am in charge of acquisitions), 20% working on my blog or videos and 10% reading other peoples materials in the industry.

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