What do you expect from a domain name generator?

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    Hello All,

    I am looking to write an article about domain name generators and I have plan to compare most promising one, I am wondering what would be the most useful domain generator?

    - What is the expectation?
    - What do you guys look for when you want to choose to use a domain name generator?
    - What features would be optimum or must have?
    - How do you evaluate the result?

    Thanks for the comment.
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  2. karmaco

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    I only use them for ideas or to see what is not registered. They are meaningless if you don’t know which words are currently hot and why.
  3. BaileyUK

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    There's no better domain name generator than the human brain, particularly if that brain has a history of generating good sales/results.

    Why put your faith in a fairly random word generator, When a bit of mind/brain training with the correct focus is going to yield far more relevant results.

    Knowing how to discard, 98% of your own generated concepts through 'Intense critique' is the crux to keeping everything cost effective. Using a word generator is a bit like viewing random Amazon (prime) sales pages , Everything looks good until you ask yourself why on earth would I actually want/need that
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