What can we do with the domain name once the website is closed?

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    The domain name was registered on Dec. 28th, 2007. It was established as a delicate domain investment and website developing blog. Unfortunately the blog was closed recently and the domain was sold for only $188.

    It is no exciting story and lots of websites have suffered such destiny. What the last relief is that after an unsuccessful attempt of business, you can still sell the domain name, especially in the cases when it can be sold for a good price.

    The website is one of the biggest Internet classified advertising companies in China today. The founder of is one of the famous domain investors in China. In the hard days, he sold his domain names in order to pay his employees. It was the same with JieDaTong, the former biggest telecom recharge service provider. The company suddenly broke up and the boss sold the domain name for about $25k. Until now the domain name is worth more than ten times of the former price.

    The price of the domain names increases dramatically these years. For some companies, the profit comes from the websites cannot even cover the money to buy a premium domain name. In 2013, the website (Yaoshi means “key”) failed and the domain name was sold in an auction for a good price.

    So remember to choose a good domain name for your project. It might become your finance insurance to the last resort.


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