news now an NFT Platform?

2,491 which sold for a record-breaking $30 million in 2019 is now planning to upgrade to an NFT platform for emerging artists.

Salah Zalatimo has announced a major pivot. will become, he says, a social platform in which users can create digital arts across all formats, enabling them to be ‘bought and sold as unique digital artefacts (NFTs)’. To do this, they will take advantage of one of’s biggest selling points: blockchain tokenisation. Under its model people could benefit by consuming, creating and sharing content. Now Voice are taking this a step further by transforming these digital assets into non fungible tokens or NFTs.

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78% of human domainers will be replaced by robots
What seems weird to me is that they paid an unusual amount for a domain afterwhich the seller made an unusual investment. Two unusual events in a row raises doubts.

Entrepreneurship consists of seeing opportunities that others often fail to see, and managing many uncertainties. What exactly do you have your doubts about?