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    Going through the daily drops, I noticed that this band whose name I recall but have no knowledge of their music- has not owned their own domain- as far as shows but it has been controlled by 3rd party who benefited from it's use for a few years. The original site as it shows in 2002 was used for paid links unrelated for gambling, health, computers, finance etc. the website is actually shorter and older (1997) than their complete name .com. The band itself according to Wikipedia was established in the 80's and had sporadically been active. Evidently they either were unwilling or unable to get their bands name? I wonder who is going to register it tomorrow and what they will do with it? I thought about contacting their manager with a head's up, or just registering it and contacting them to sell at cost for their convenience, but seeing that their earlier website with the shorter name existed before the complete and correct name- it seems like a waste of time.

    Question is- have any of you grabbed domains on the drop in order to assist the rightful owner and contacted them so they don't need to go through the UDRP or WIPO process?

    In order to check this particular domain to see if any legal issues occurred- I went through the UDRP search site, and as a side note I got quite a laugh at the amazing number of knuckleheads registering clearly trademarked names under the new gTld's.... truly entertaining to read. These are all clearly infringements and there are ton's of them- all within the past month.

    I won't post specific examples... but such dumb registrations as:
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    It's been awhile but I have regged a domain then contacted he rightful owner about it. He was so grateful he doubled my investment in the name so I got a check for $20 and a good feeling for doing what was right. I think now though I would just stay away and let it pass.

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