Using your android phone as a proxy server

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To make your phone a rotating proxy using Localtonet, follow these steps:
  1. Download and Register:
    • Download the Localtonet app from the Google Play Store.
    • Register for a new account on Localtonet's website.
  2. AuthToken Configuration:
    • After registration, get your AuthToken from the website's clipboard section.
    • Open the Localtonet app on your phone and enter the AuthToken.
  3. Settings Customization:
    • In the MyTokens tab, click the Android icon to customize settings.
    • For non-rooted phones, use the reset link to set Localtonet as your default assistant.
  4. Proxy Server Setup:
    • Go to Localtonet's website to set up your proxy server.
    • Choose between HTTP or SOCKS proxy, then start the server.
  5. Connecting to the Proxy:
    • Use the given IP address and port to connect.
    • Optionally, set a username and password for security.
  6. Additional Features:
    • The SOCKS5 proxy now supports TCP and UDP protocols.
For more detailed instructions, you can visit Localtonet's official website or their help section in the app.
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Nice one; registered on 16. November, promoting his "free" Proxy tool.

Why are you trying to scrape data from Users here? Are you not smart enough to know that people probably know what you are trying to do?
Web Scraping.

You build the Tunnel, Using your proxy and you can easily import and export all the cookies. :)
What you build is a Cheap version of Octopus Antidetect Browser:


Could you please explain me the difference, also in a technical manner?

Im very interested to try it. Good job.

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