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Using newly registered domains to uncover trending domain terms

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This post attempts to show how it is possible to gauge the popularity of certain terms appearing in domain names by using a newly registered domains database. For the purpose of illustration, we downloaded the database’s feed files covering 24-29 June. It is important to note that this analysis only considers the .com space. Other top-level domains (TLDs) are available in the database files though.

3 Trends in Newly Registered Domains

With hundreds of thousands of domains detected daily, two criteria were applied to narrow down the trending terms:
  • More than 500 domain names related to the terms were registered within the six-day observation period (24-29 June).
  • The terms have at least a 50 popularity value on Google Trends over the past 30 days.
With these criteria, the newly registered domains database showed a trend toward domain name registrations containing the following words:

1. "home"

Within the six-day period, 6,359 newly registered domains containing the word “home” were detected. Aside from domain names that focus on real estate and home solutions, several were also inspired by the remote work setup that has become common due to the pandemic.

Some examples are workathomebuddy[.]com, workathomestyle[.]com, and workhomelifemag[.]com.

Worldwide interest in “home” as a search term also exceeded 85 in the past 30 days and even reached 100 in the first week of June. As people continue to stay at home as much as possible, domain names related to the word “home” could be lucrative.

2. "service"

On Google Trends, the search term “service” peaked in popularity from mid-June onward. Domain name registration behaviors reflected this too. The number of domain names containing the word reached 4,656 by the end of the six-day observation period.

Below are some of the observed categories and a sample domain for each:
  • Catering and food delivery (foodservicesolutionsdirect[.]com)
  • Cleaning (affordablecleaningefficientservicesltd[.]com)
  • Finance (aegeusfinancialservices[.]com)
  • Funeral (adorepetfuneralservices[.]com)
  • Auto and transportation services (atlairporttransportationservice[.]com)
3. "online"

The word “online” appeared in 4,259 domain names registered within the six-day period. That is also consistent with the term’s popularity on Google Trends, as its lowest score for the past 30 days was 87 while its highest was 100 on 25 June.

Domain names that contain the word “online” could be worthwhile investments, especially since a lot of transactions these days are done online. Domain names such as buycarstouchlessonline[.]com and choicepharmacyonline[.]com, which appeared in the DNS on 25 June, may also relate to social distancing and COVID-19.

Other terms

Aside from “home,” “service,” and “online,” other terms are worth mentioning. These are listed below, along with the total number of newly registered domains that contain each word within 24-29 June:
  • Health (3,110 domains)
  • Best (2,189 domains)
  • Buy (1,925 domains)
  • Test (1,912 domains)
  • Business (1,537 domains)
  • COVID (778 domains)
  • Crypto (528 domains)

The top 3 terms—home, service, and online—and others can easily be related to what is happening to the world and how businesses are adapting. Their popularity on Google Trends and the newly registered domains database could also hint at their market potential. Companies may be looking into buying strategic domain names that contain these words. However, trends always change, which is why monitoring newly registered domains can be beneficial.

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