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    If I use my latest purchase as an example, then it might be easier for me to make my suggestion. The name is and the plan is to pick up a bit of revenue whilst I wait for a sale of the name as a feeder site. Traffic stats would be helpful - wow, I've just realised I could use this as a surfer traffic management site. :)
    The simplest way to handle the links to the sponsor is to sent traffic to his sales page, but that blows out the possibility of including a domain sales link.I wondered if I created a sales page on (say) I could get potential buyers to visit that page for details of the domain name sale. Is there some sort of industry standard for this sort of thing?
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    How would potential buyers arrive to the sales page on ? If the buyer contacted your whois email, then there is no need to maintain anything on subdomain. If the buyer/visitor did not contact you directly, then what would prompt them to type-in a specific subdomain in their browser? Or did I misunderstand the whole scheme?

    The closest thing I am thinking of is:

    IF (and only if) the domain has _expired_ traffic - then some visitors would click on old links - and such visitors may be well detected as their HTTP referer would not be empty. So it may be possible to serve variable content right on / . Visitors with non-empty HTTP referrer are less likely to purchase the domain as they simply clicked an old expired link. Forward them to appropriate affiliate link or to traditional parking company in traffic management style (to for example which has dns cname record pointing to a normal parking company server). Those visitors of / that have an empty HTTP referrer are probably direct navigation visitors, so they may be interested in purchasing the domain, and "domain for sale" page is generated for them, not a forwarding code....
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    That was the major stumbling block. That's why I asked if there was an industry standard, so people could check for a sale sub-domain. The other alternative is to include it in the who is info.
    One other possibility is to use a page that will get indexed by Google, so it turns up in the SERPs.Of course one would list it on one's own sales listing pages.
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    Use a sub domain and place a link to it in the header of the index.
    Buy this domain and a link

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