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question What information to display on landing page to sell a domain name?

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I want to use one landing page to all of my domain names!

So what information should I put to sell the domain name fast!

What email ID should I display, free, own or [email protected] or what?

Do I have to use any images on the landing page?

I need your creative answers?

Does Godaddy allow creating a page on a domain name for free, or is there any other alternative?
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Keep it simple.

A brief message stating the domain may be for sale and your contact information or a contact form.

If you want it to sell quickly, place a Buy-It-Now button on the page with a low price.

That's all you need.
I agree the landing pages should probably be fairly simple. Use some sort of contact form instead of just providing your email (this could help guarantee you get all inquiries). It may also be a good idea to create a nice logo for each page/name as well.


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Like others have said, "Keep it simple".

A simple layout I use for my domains sales pages:

1. [Heading with a background image] DOMAINNAME.COM
2. [Sub-Heading] The domain may be available for sale
3. [Sub-Heading] Price/Make Offer
4. [Form] A contact/inquiry form with following fields
- Name
- Email/Phone
- Offer Amount
- Message
5. [Normal Text] I use logo and mention that the transaction would be carried out using
6. [Normal Text] DOMAINNAME.COM For Sale

If your domain represent a category/niche, you can write a line or two about possible uses of the domain you are selling. For brandable domains, you need to be more creative and careful while writing a description.

If you have social handles of your domains, you can use them as well. Not that it would increase chances of domain sales, but to the right buyer, it would be something worth attracting.

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Search for Domain Broker 2 on Google.

I think it is a very clean and super easy to use template. Fully customizable.