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The INFERMAL project aims to uncover cyberattackers' preferences in maliciously registering domain names and study the pragmatic measures employed to mitigate against Domain Name System (DNS) abuse.


Phase 1: By the end of November 2023, the project team intends to extract malicious domain names from large samples of domain names and map them to their corresponding registration information at the time of their registration.

Phase 2: By July 2024, the team plans to perform an analysis of identified security measures that help mitigate DNS abuse. The team also intends to summarize a study on how quickly abusive domain names are suspended after operators are notified about the abuse.

Phase 3: Finally, by September 2024, the team plans to publish a final report in the form of a research paper. The project will also propose best practices to effectively mitigate abuse.

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What are they proposing to help consumers? I’ve gotten texts from spammers with abusive intentions and was unable to get a call through to the registrar as they are too large and not enough focus on actual customer service. An email is ignored. I’d like to see a system that they would all be checking, like a rageshake on cellphones that would show them a screenshot of the abusive messages and it would be sent to that domain name’s registrar.