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would you tend to agree with this culture I have learned since January 1999 into .coms

the art of the deal

The biggest losses by our community here have come from the old nightmare of selling for xxx or x,xxx when he had xx,xxx or xxx,xxx

these are exclusive distributorship like no other has requires to be less humble at times unselfish to secure loved ones cost of care!


it happened to me so..
rather than having been left unsaid!

- Dennis Zabala
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I agree with all in theory particularly when that word reasonable comes up. Reasonable is subjective and screams I am cheap. 2K on dinner is reasonable to Elon Musk. Its all subjective.

But in reality, if you have bills to be paid mouths to feed etc setting a low bin or accepting lower offers is the right thing to do for you at that time as long as its not on your very best names.

Its easy to act this way if you are allready a millionaire. The rest of us have to weigh the circumstances we find ourselves in versus that one name.
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I echo the comments made by @karmaco. The views and opinions of others aren't that important. The right price is the price you're happy with

He is a patient investor. His life situation and circumstance is different to yours. If you're selling at $200 when you could have got $1k, if you're selling at $2k when you could have got $10k, if you're selling at $20k when you could have got $100k, this all digs into the "what if" and "if only" dilemma, which doesn't help. You sold at a price you were happy with at the time, for your life situation and circumstance, and I don't think that makes you a dummy. You did what was right for you, move onto the next IMO
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