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Welcome to our exclusive domain auction! We're selling these premium domains to fund our startup and take our dreams to the next level. I will also be hosting this on twitter and reddit.

Domains for Auction (Every Domain Being Auctioned):

1. (USA, AI, Tech)
2. (SaaS, Software, Tech)
3. (SaaS, AI, Technology)
4. (Emerging Tech, AI, Innovation)
5. (Best, AI, Branding)
6. (Fitness, Fun, Entertainment, TikTok Clone)
7. (Online Learning Portal)

💰 Starting Bid: $0
💼 Minimum Bid Increase: $20
⌛ Auction Duration: 7 days

❗ Auction Rules:

- We reserve the right to stop the auction at any time if we are satisfied with the price.

Payment Options: Escrow

Renewal Price:
- .ai domains: $179 (min. 2 yr)
- .fail domains: ~$60
- .com domains: ~10$

Renewal Dates: Multiple dates; please contact us if relevant.


Secure your online presence and help us kickstart our journey. Place your bids now to own these premium domains and support our startup! #DomainAuction #Tech #AI #Entertainment #StartupFunds"

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