Undeveloped .com, does it work?

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  1. topdom

    topdom Top Contributor VIP

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    Sedo landing pages are bad, and discourages sales. 500 visits per day and a few clicks and no bids.
    Obviously something is very wrong at Sedo.
    Is this about very bad economy, or distracting landing pages.
    I plan to test other services.
    So I have questions about I asked them, and they just ignored.Why ignore a potential customer, It doesn't make any sense.

    Statistics: does it work?

    Registration: Does it require ID or something similar?

    Payment: Do they pay by Paypal?

    Ppc: Any parking service?

    I have hundreds of quality domains. most of which need to be sold before renewal, and buyers shouldn't be distracted and shouldn't hesitate. I can convince buyers if they land on a page where I give them relevant info.
    But if buyers are lost, they won't place a bid.
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  2. Addison

    Addison Top Contributor VIP

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    The visitors might not be interested in the domain name: they could be trying to find the previous website or a different website, they could be computer programs, they could have made a typo, or who knows what else.

    @Undeveloped, why are you ignoring a potential customer? (n)

    Bodis is superb! (y)

    You'll be lucky to sell one domain before renewal regardless of which sites you use. Create an auction on NamePros if you need to liquidate speedily.

    Flippa and NamePros offer the best control for giving a sales pitch.
  3. Alphadom

    Alphadom Established Member

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    Hey Topdom,

    I just registered with @Undeveloped about 2 weeks ago, haven't sold anything yet (in no hurry, mind you)
    but it's quite easy and intuitive to add domains.

    Statistics: does it work?
    I can't tell yet, there is no information on quarterly sales or something like that.
    But they have some good reviews on trustpilot with seem to be legit.

    Registration: Does it require ID or something similar?
    It does not require you to upload an id or pasport. But of course you have to give your personal or business details, which match the bankaccount you fill in.

    Payment: Do they pay by Paypal?
    They use Adyen as payment service.

    Ppc: Any parking service?
    You can use their sale landing pages, which shows your personal background if you use one. Looks fresh and professional i.m.o.

    I quite like the platform, but don't really know if it's used by domainers/ end users globally. Or rather if the amount of clientele is large enough. Furthermore I had a few minor issues with the search option on the site where I couldn't find my own domains that were in my undeveloped portfolio. (so a potential customer wouldn't either) . But seeing the amount of community informing by the founder, I'm positive it will only get better.

    Hope this helped...
  4. Bob Hawkes

    Bob Hawkes formerly MetBob NameTalent VIP Gold Account Trusted Blogger

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    Just to make sure there is not confusion, my understanding is Ayden for purchasing (all the usual options possible through that). To pay the seller of the domain their Help Centre says the main options are PayPal and Bitcoin.

    I have not yet sold one there, but everything I have read about them has been positive. They certainly respond quickly.
  5. JanO

    JanO This advertising space is for sale

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    I'm domaining for 8 months now.
    I listed my portfolio on Sedo from the start: 0 interaction.
    I listed my portfolio on Undeveloped 6 months ago: 6 bids on 6 different domains; 2 lead to a sale, 1 of them today believe it or not. Awaiting buyer's payment at the moment.

    I also like the simplicity of their platform; it's dead-simple, ideal for a diginoob like me.

    Last but not least: their costumer support is the best costumer support of any online business I've come across; extremely fast. If one of my domains is already listed at Undeveloped I use their contact form and often receive a reply within an hour. At Afternic it might take a few days..
  6. imadoer

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    Some people are going to disagree with me but this is how i think of all this.

    At the present time theres not a better option then undeveloped for landing pages. They close deals faster then escrow very easy to communicate with buyers. If your names suck it probably doesnt matter where you put them.

    As for parking heres my thoughts if a name doesn't earn good money parked its not worth having it parked a good landing page is alot better then a parked page
  7. Jurgen Wolf

    Jurgen Wolf Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Sedo page is not bad.
    I had many sales even with ~0 traffic.

    Their bot filtering is VERY bad.
    That's why you see such stats.
  8. Jurgen Wolf

    Jurgen Wolf Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    And overall - lander has no any impact on the buyer's decision to spend his money or not...
    They buy domains... not landers.
    This can be even your own page (contact form).

    Lander is important for BIN domains only.
    It must be credible.
    Sedo is VERY credible platform and BBB company.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2018
  9. Jurgen Wolf

    Jurgen Wolf Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    To get inquiries - I use ParkingCrew and Bodis.
    This is my primary selling mode.

    And my BIN domains are parked at Sedo.

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