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    1. stevenmcg
      My Sedo account (username: stevenmcg) was closed just after I paid for a domain. The money has been deducted from my credit card, however I cannot login and the domain has not been transfered. I have repeatedly tried to use the contact form on the website and sent an e-mail, to find out why my account was closed and the status of the transaction, however no-one has contacted me. I would be really grateful if you could help.

      Many thanks,

    2. Sedo
      Hi Michael,

      I apologize for the delayed response. This information has been sent to the Director of Brokerage and you should receive a response from her shortly regarding this order.

    3. john_eldorado
      Thank you for your response to my post regarding the domain owner not being contacted for the domain sale.

      My invoice number was # 1908759 and my broker was Hugh Beckett

      Just as a recap:
      I wanted to buy a domain, and when I looked up the "whois" info, it was obviously just a bunch of bogus info. A "555" phone number, the address was a prison, and the name was also fake, etc. Seeing that I wouldn't be able to contact this individual, I thought Sedo might have more advanced tools at their disposal to locate the owner, so I agreed to their brokerage service. After several weeks, my broker Hugh Beckett said the domain owner had not given them a response.

      I then asked if he could give me the contact info they were able to get for the domain, and it was the same bogus "whois" data. So basically, no one was ever really contacted about buying this domain.

      I would appreciate a refund, please contact me if you have any further questions.

      Thank you,
      Michael Davenport
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