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Hi domainers, on the contrary to what many are looking for, I´m currently looking for a parking company that is known for ULTRA low EPC´s, no matter the vertical or traffic quality. It´s also just about companies listed below and no another.
Also it´s not about deepen the issue and splitting intpo premium advertisers and tier 2, or scientification of the issue, it´s just about the facts in form of numbers on the end of teh month in your dashboard.
I would like to ask you to share your experiences with me (us)!
Which company is worst in terms of earnings per click (EPC) in your own personal experience based on your own individual portofolio that was build all along for monetization only? Please notice it´s not about to dis a company but rather and just about sharing own (valubale) experiences with others. There may be a reason for everything, like in example there are more tier2 domains in the portfolio, downgrading the average EPC for all your names, but that reason is not the point here too, it´s just about a number, and a placement of companies below based on your own monitoring and supervision of numbers from "on the end of the day" till now.
The list:
GoDaddy CashParking
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I guess letting it unexplained is pointless. Here are my thoughts.

I my opinion redirecting is the future of monetization. But Big G doesn´t like it already.

As publisher you get almost every valid and qualified request paid. As advertiser you´re able to bid on a keyword and valid qualified traffic from a specific GEO. Big G is no needed here, it takes already place and is done by independent networks, like in example Above´s Trellian network.
Direct and premium advertisers pay better if the keyword and traffic quality matches their requirements, but a competitor as an another direct advertiser in that mix can also benefit from the same domain name even with a lower bid if the premium direct advertiser. So if advertiser A doesn´t need the request = in example because of the frequency gap or because they pay just once for the same Unique IP within 24 hours, it doesn´t mean that another direct advertisers can´t exploit the sam request for them.

If you are familiar with todays monetization possibilities, you will know that i.e. exploiting the Treliian network will end up with Parking companies overbidding themself for a click that will actually never happen, taking all great Trellian´s premium and direct advertisers out of the game, by doing so.
You could even say, it is sabotage on behalf and for our Big G, because Tier 1 ads at parking companies are placed by Big G.
That way they take all kinds of premium and direct advertisers out of the game, that bid on the Trellian market for related keywords.

CTR on landers of parking companies is simply ridiculous low, and if you have traffic domains with mostly US desktop traffic you simply burn your money and time as publisher.
You send thousands of unique IP´s to old school landers with content-related unsuitable and partially stupid Big G buttons with adboards, or to Tier2 ROI campaigns. instead of redirecting almost all valid and qualified requests directly to a direct / premium advertiser or its competiotion who is bidding on that special keyword all along and in first place.

So, adding a truly ultry low EPC parking company to the Mix at in example Trellian could be a solution. This applies also for another networks where at least one parking account is required.
But who is it currently? I´ve experienced that PC is quite good for country code names but not for US traffic.
TheParkingPlace exploited sometimes your Tier1 US desktop traffic even for cheap ultra low ROI campaigns.
But I don´t know if more or less as the others. I´m also pretty sure Sedo could keep up with both in terms of low earnings and pushing Tier1 traffic to Ultra low EPC Tier2 ROI campaigns as well.
However, domainers with a lot and long years of experience with parking companies know it probably better than me.

So again, having almost every valid and qualified request paid, partially quite good payed, instead of burning the traffic, is the ultimate goal of every publisher.
Almost every bid on Trellian is higher than the bid of an Ultra low EPC parking company, and you will be able to exploit your valuable traffic. You need at least one parking company added to Above i.e. to get it run and the account doesn´t have to be "Above managed" under any circumstances. Than you can monetize via Above relatively good with a lot of different buyers. But you need a parking company that pays really ultra low, above all for US desktop traffic.

Of course one solution could be to use Tier2 domains only, so that no matter which parking company it´s about will pay just a Tier2 EPC, mostly based on ROI campaigns.
But direct and premium advertisers most likely won´t bid on Tier2 domains and most likely not on the traffic coming from such domains.
So it is only about potential Tier1 domains here.

So once again, which parking company from your POV is the worst in terms of EPC?
for - in example - US desktop traffic?
Sedo, Parking Crew or one of the

And by the way...
If we would have more of such networks, we the publisher but also direct advertisers and also middlemen that buy and redirect such requests to their own advertisers, would benefit a lot.
But of course Big G would loose a lot on the other hand, and that´s probably the reason in first place, why there´s a "natural" and a technical obstacle to build more of such networks, and better and faster.
I have heard Bodis is one of the best, but check with other traffic domain investors as well.
Bodis is the opposite what I´m searching for.
Bodis will overbid other bidders, but the click will never happen. People don´t click anymore on 2-click-landers with an "aijokmlfdklmsd" on the button. And most have ad blockers on so you even don´t see something to click on at Bodis´s landers.
Hence, you lose every high-intent request from US redirecting to Bodis without a revenue for you.
That´s the whole issue. If you have a parking company that can´t overbid in example bidders at Trellian, than your high-intent users can be redirected to a premium advertiser / bidder within this network. If they lie, and say, we promise, to pay the most money for that request (ending up without an earning for yourself because the click won´t happen) than it is burned traffic.

Hence, Bodis stands for burned traffic. But it applies also for another parking companies that overbid systematically premium advertisers and another bidders within networks, like

I´m looking for a truly gready LOW-EPC parking company that in example uses requests from high-intent users from US for their advertisers doing Ultra Low EPC ROI campaigns to make them happy. Maybe Sedo....?