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TV market - thriving or diving?

TV market - thriving or diving?

With regard to .tv names I personally had a spectacular start to the year last year with a good winter spring and summer. Among the biggies I sold were US.tv and MUSIC.tv

I remember at the time having a few people say things were pretty dead with them and reminding them that things are cyclical with domains.

Well Autumn and winter came, I didn’t spend too much time and attention on domains or my portfolio and I must say sales have been almost non-existent for me. How quickly things can change.

I then thought I’d have a quick look to see if others had been selling since last summer.

Bloody hell, things are indeed cyclical. My barren patch seems to have coincided with others having winning streaks as some of the reported sales over the past five months have included:

NP.tv $4,800

baku.tv $5,000

tablet.tv $13,000

dkn.tv $6,000

more.tv $16,500

Bolt.tv $1,800

Israel.tv $15,000

pay.tv $10,000

rain.tv $6,500

boxeo.tv $8,000

podcasts.tv $16,000

D8.tv $15,000

bridge.tv $11,760

Telechargementz.tv $9,100

icon.tv $25,000

trailer.tv $5,000

experience.tv $35,000

livecasino.tv $9,999

I know there were probably a lot more sales, but these are ones that were out there and obvious.

So, simple questions…

Can I have my turn back at getting good .tv sales?

Who else is waiting to get back on the selling streak with me?
Ha! So funny.

I write and say things seem quiet for me personally and then out of the blue I sell a 'buy now' .TV name via sedo for $1200

Not the biggest sale in the world but very welcome - and a nice start.


(oh and the name was IDEN . tv)

So, if anyone is now looking to buy some higher end quality .tv names - like BUILDING or LIST or CHARITY or RECRUITMENT or RESUME or STUDENT just let me know. I'm now officially back in the name selling market!!!
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