auction TokenFund.ORG - Cryptocurrency funding - With or without content [ Starts at $40 ]

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Registrar : NameCheap
Expires : May 20, 2024

Start : $40
Increment : $5

Winner would be the last unbeaten bid within 24 hours.

The domain can be sold with or without it's contents.
If you chose to also own the files and the database, there will be no help provided in setting up things.
All files will be simply zipped and sent to you. No more than that.

I can transfer the domain easily through the NameCheap internal transfer system.

The potential of the whole project in general:
- You are experienced Dev within the crypto world, you are able to build tokens and you just need a place to rise funds for their launch.
- You just find investors and then hire developers to build and deliver the token.
Both scenarios can bring you a decent amount of income if you implement your wallet as one that collects a microscopic fee on every transaction or you have a flat fee per token creation based on its total funding.

This domain and eventually its current setup are suitable for people with free time and free funds ready to be spent on advertisements.

I'm giving up on the project for the sole purpose of being unavailable to advertise it and the real life issues that LIMIT my online time drastically within the last 6 months.

Payment : PayPal / LTC / BNB

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