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    Post your pros and cons of holding domains purely for sale with no intention of developing them yourself and the same for developing them.

    Develop the domain:

    : You are attempting to bring real value to society with a website. You can have a huge impact on society in a positive way. You can build something that outlives you build generational wealth.
    You can make a lot more $$$ if the developed site takes off then you can ever make with the average sale of a domain.
    You learn business skills you can only learn running a website as a business you can never learn just flipping domains.

    Cons: You can lose a lot of money and time developing sites that go nowhere
    It can take away from your selling efforts if you are an active seller who does outbound sales.
    You usually need more $$ to develop a decent website with real potentials.

    Hold and park the thing:

    : You can focus your effort on purely domaining and become one of the successful few in the industry.
    You can become good at acquiring valuable names through focus and experience.

    Cons: Some may say you are not bringing any real value to society and wasting good names.
    This forces startups to come up with creative brandable names that have no real meaning besides their association with the brands. This trend will cause powerful plain english domain names to lose their value because mr silicon valley can name his company linkedin, instagram, lenovo instead of a real english word and still become a great success.
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