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Hello everyone, I know I have here not really good reputation, because of my aggressive replies, but I will have to leave here this topic so that you later don't tell me angry "why you did not warn us of such opportunity?" because I m sure this will happen 1000% percent.

So the real reason I got into domaining is because of an interesting vision I had in the year 2016 after 15 years of socially distancing, today I have around 22 years of socially distancing, that is from where I collected so much aggresiveness, paranoia and other things that comes as a result of isolation for many years, imagine not having friends, wife, etc. :D

In short I will not write much, so because I became more spiritual and reading allot of such books, finally in that vision it was revealed to me a huge world wide secret that each government of each country is hiding from all of us, because of this vision I was still hesitant if I should invest money into domains at that time, but finally at the end of the year 2019 I took the plunge and have begin registering allot of such domains, today I have around 1500 of such special Diamonds, I never shared this domains in public, I even don't list them in any marketplaces, that is why i not sold any of them, but I got highest offer for such domain of 20K USD through one of my secret websites. This gave me hope that I m on the right track, I already observed some new companies that have begin to use such keywords in their websites, but I m sure thay are not aware of their true potential and value.

Why I write this here, this is because I want to warn you that I m going to publish this secret in a video soon for free, somewhere in November, also I have try to sell it to many companies for 100K USD, I even contacted Lamborghini, Proctol and Gamble and others, but they refused my offer, yes and I tried to sell it to Mr.Rob from Epik before the hack, he gave me only 1K of USD in hope that I will start to register such names and he will see them, but I used those money to reg Meta crap of names which now I try to get rid of them cheap.

Anyway if one company, entity or agroup of domainers want to fulfill my request I will share with you this secret knowledge, before the big release of it for free to the poublic, so you will be prepared. Because end users will hand reg what remains you will not profit from this very much! But if you will know beforehand what is it about, the end users or big companies will beg us to sell them for huge money. I even contacted Rick Schwartz on Twitter, he of corse told me to f*** off politely, I contacted others even Swetha but no reply from them. But I will share it only after the full collection of the sum I asked, also I will have to do that in such a way that is very hard to see digitally, this is because of our PC's and phones are spied on daily basis.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share this here, I wish you all success and peace of mind!

P.s. I think that everything what happens today in the world is because of this secret, those who are in control of this world, including those who control the whole Internet, they know that there is a person, which is me of course, will expose it soon and they are very unhapy, that they will lose control of their slaves, which is the biggest resource on earth.
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Decided to intrigue you people more.
1. I suspect that this domains are hand registered by registrars and updated with fake old WHOIS data, I not have evidence yet, but some domains which I did not register are now registered, that is why I decided to take photos of WHOIS searches, with a special phone and not store them on my PC as screenshots.
2. most of this secret domains are currently at Namebright, but in my opinion they are sold x10 times cheaper than their real worth, on second place is Godaddy with such domains.
3. a recent company have raised more than 100 millions USD for their project, they own the COM version **** but they try to buy from me the ****.word for low 4 figures, I told that I not sell it cheaper than high 5 figures and I never heard back from their broker.
4. I see more websites appear with such keywords on internet but I m sure they not realize anything yet, because I was able to dropcatch their domains, lucky me.
5. this is more important than everything that you heard until today, including AI and other niches, this is nothing compared to the secret which your governments pay billions to hide from you from birth to death!
6. there are about 8 dictionary words, related to this niche but only 3 or 4 are the most important from the list, but maybe they are more, not know for sure cause my English is poor.
7. if you try to buy this secret from me there is a risk that your life and biz will be brought down as Epik registrar, because I think Mr.Rob is the only person who have try to buy it from me.
8. the Registries have begin to reserve some of the keywords in new gTLD's and as soon they drop they are reserved!
9. discovered recently that I had in my memory that I registered some domains, but found out they no longer belong to me and are registered with older date, no evidence is found that I have buy them, I trust my memory cause I have memory from my 2 years experience, this is why I trust my memory that those domains were mine.

Why I want to sell this secret knowledge, I will tell you straight, because I need money to renew all my domains at maximum and be able to shut up myself for longer time, in this way giving us the chance to grab everything that is available, before letting out the beast in the wild, plus buy them cheap from Namebright and other marketplaces, simple as that.
But be assured that as I sell simple domains I will not need anyone to buy this knowledge from me, cause with 2 recent sales I was able to renew many domains and reg new ones!
Because I will invest most of my money in them and not sell yet much, due to no awareness from end users, I will be forced to release this secret for free soon, this will stir the niches and I will begin to sell them like hot dogs.
Hope you understand what is the logic behind this.

P.s. if someone knows how to convince a company or person to buy this secret knowledge from me, without revealing any hint of it before receiving full payment, I m all ears!
Credit card own somethong online?? Then now! *klik* 1999 1st week january after showed-off to friend..

Nothing but mocks at mostly after.
Lets update the thread with new info.
Recently a company has bought another company that uses such secret keyword, which is #1 on the list from all other keywords, it was bought for 100Mill USD, which is another ring a bell that I m on the right path.
I forgot to write that if 100K investors of this secret knowledge will not be satisfied of what I will reveal, I will return your money back as soon as I will begin selling those domains like hotdogs, but I m sure 100% that you will fall from your chair and break your neck "joking", in short it will be mind blowing!
P.s. not sure what is the exitement with this AI crap, how can you be so exited when AI will liquidate your entire life happiness, I don't understand? Maybe you want a blog post on what AI is really is? Very short, it's for rich and lazy sheeple, that is what AI purpose is!
Edit: the reason for WW3 is of course this secret knowledge, I will quote Jesus "the truth will set you free" of course it will, that is why the enslavers are scared as hell because of this, and most interestingly is that the Devil did not appear yet to bring me on a high mountain to offer me the whole world. :D
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Are you a prophet?
Considering that I have socially distanced for so many years, I can consider myself as a prophet but I not want to say that about me, maybe I m Neo because I see some code on everything, until now I was seeing it only in my monitor, but after Israel war I have begin to see it on ground, walls etc. I have think it's Arabic writing but no it is not, cause it look like letters.

Also when I see that people waste money on Bored Apes but they not find money to buy such a great secret that their governments are hiding from them, which will bring for them prosperity and uniqueness, then I understand why they buy such NFT's.
Something is wrong with this world and people that live in it, maybe people deserve to be enslaved in the end, because the illusion is more tasteful than the truth.
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I m very happy to hand reg domains which are registered from 1996 and 1999, but I do understand that those who owned them know nothing of their true value.
Thank you and I advice you to drop them all ASAP, plus I continue to curse NameBright and their workers everyday, so they delete those domains, so I can grab from them.

Also that moment when companies spend millions on ( or but after my secret they will lose in value, bhahahaha, someone bought (corrosion,com) don't make me laugh you spying morons, they want to show me that they spend money on this crap and don't buy from me my domains, who are you trying to fool?
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