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The Outbound Paradox

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    Before I get started, I should note that I'm clearly doing something wrong here. I've only made a few sales through outbound marketing (though they were good ones). Generally, I am not the type of person who likes to approach people. I feel more in my zone when I am approached. Nevertheless, I have made numerous conservative attempts at outbound marketing over the years. I did have a few successes, but overall, they were never worth the time investment.

    What do I mean by conservative attempts? Preferring to do business professionally, I have a set of personal rules.

    • Premium and Easy-To-Value Names Only; It wasn't worth the effort nor wasting anyone's time for a name that is less than spectacular.
    • Painstakingly choosing the right individuals; I tend to spend a lot of time looking into a person's background and predict the possible responses. Most individuals don't make the cut.
    • Straight-forward wording; I usually tell the person right off the bat, why I'm contacting them.
    • Concise; I usually don't describe the domain's value nor niche initially. The initial email is usually very short.
    The Results

    • No reply.
    • Inquiry about another service or domain that I wasn't offering(?).
    • Can I pay monthly ( :( )? (Edit: Well, this was before Undeveloped was an option.)
    • How much money do you make?
    • Motivated Buyer: "I'll make you the deal of the lifetime!" High XX for a X,XXX value name.
    • What is a domain ( :| ) ?
    • A successful sale with a higher than expected profit margin (too bad I only had to spend the entire month working on this one sale.)
    This is where I reach the Outbound Marketing Paradox. Much time and effort is needed to make a sale, and only rarely will those sales be higher than average. Due to the time cost benefit ratio, it seems more effective to not do anything at all. Therefore, I rarely ever do outbound marketing these days.

    Outbound is one area that I need to improve on. Perhaps my personality traits don't work with it. I can be stubborn sometimes. How are you guys doing with outbound?
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