We need this one too guys :)

This guide will also help LLLL.com holders to understand more the value of their 4 letters .com based on how expensive the similar 3 letters .com are.



Pricing Guide for 3-Letter (Composed Of Letters Only) Domains:

Current Observed Minimum Wholesale Price (regardless of letter combo) as of February 1, 2008:

3-Letter .com - $6700 (+ $300 since January 1, 2008 report)

But I consider their guide a bit old since they are not taking in consideration the emergenging countries that appreciate other letters and as we have run a poll here several times lately, the majority of people consider the letters U
and W to be Premium letters.

Let`s have a look at some recent LLL.com sales as reported from NameBio.com :

nak.com $27,135 2007-12-22 SEDO.com
nyz.com $10,605 2007-12-19 tdnam
utw.com $10,100 2007-12-10 SEDO.com
via.com $157,500 2007-12-06 SEDO.com
cgf.com $14,500 2007-12-06 SEDO.com
vkx.com $6,200 2007-12-06 SEDO.com
mje.com $10,734 2007-12-06 SEDO.com
okf.com $8,500 2007-12-06 SEDO.com
our.com $60,000 2007-12-06 SEDO.com
kxr.com $7,101 2007-12-06 SEDO.com
lhg.com $13,613 2007-12-06 SEDO.com
wae.com $10,099 2007-12-06 SEDO.com
hya.com $7,499 2007-12-06 SEDO.com
yrd.com $9,100 2007-12-05 SEDO.com
vfk.com $15,750 2007-11-29 AfterNic.com
qee.com $10,882 2007-11-27 SEDO.com


2021 PowerUser
EZR.com - reported as sold for $22,000 dollars at Sedo. Surely a low sale for this letter quality. A recent owner is a domain investor so I find the price to be rather underwhelming.

Is this the lowest sale price of the year?

What seems to be the base price these days?
Is this the lowest sale price of the year?

What seems to be the base price these days?

I know of a few sales as low as $10k but not usually good letters, some low ones from the last 2 years or so

qjv.com $10,500
vuy.com $15,000
gyr.com $14,250
qru.com $12,000