.com Telepathy.com has acquired the domain name NYS.com

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WHOIS records indicate that Telepathy, Inc., has acquired the premium domain name NYS.com.

The three letter (LLL) .com was registered in 1998 and at one point it was offered for sale via Escrow.com with a $500,000 dollar price tag. It was also brokered by the Lumis.com brokers in recent years before being listed for sale on Undeveloped/Dan.com...
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I send offers on a similar domain, seller just ignored my offers I offered more than 60% of bin) and today 05 05 the domain just transferred to the Dynadot. What a moron i hope you will never sell it. You are selling it since 1997 lol.

I think Ep*k and Telepathy same guys. Or someone from Ep*k staff just selling leads to telepathy or Ep*k just hacked and emails goes through contact form to third party services like as Telepathy.

TLDR ADVICE: NEVER SEND OFFERS! They will steal your dream.
Always click BUY IT NOW.

Added: just checked listing on Dynadot the price is now higher. And the seller own only one domain. I think the domain was stolen from Ep*k probably real owner is passed away or something like that. Maybe staff saw my offers and just stole the domain and transferred to another registrar because real owner not responding or passed away or something like that.
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