Tackling malicious domains and typosquatting

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    TechRadar Pro had a chat with David Sygula, Senior Cybersecurity Analyst, CyberAngel to discuss why it’s time for a more coordinated response from domain registrars, ISP’s, security vendors, and businesses to help take these domains down quickly and effectively.

    What can be done to minimise the issue of malicious domains registrations?

    One solution can be to proactively buy lookalike domains, so organisations reserve them before cybercriminals do. However, this is a never-ending task – there are companies who have registered thousands of domains, yet each day new ones are spoofed. Companies need to have a cybersecurity solution that prevents fraudulent domain names, by automatically detecting their creation before it is maliciously used – especially when it comes to subdomains. Machine learning can be used to identify sensitive data leaks, including hijacked domains.

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