NameSilo sells for $68,000 – biggest reported .io sale of all time

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    23,017 closed at $68,000 on to become the highest .io sale ever recorded according to Namebio. The domain was registered in 2012. There is a by Dignity Games in the Apple and Google app stores. The name was once parked at Undeveloped, - a really cool domain parked on best place to backorder/drop purchase expiring ccTLD domain … [Read more...]
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    just to follow up. Surprised no one did. is actually company with it's own cryptocurrency like Ripple.

    Their crypto symbol is SXP

    Marketcap $320,123,265
    fully diluted marketcap $1,005,464,080 (if sold all SXP supply.)

    It explains now why was bought for $68,000.

    I wonder. was it a domain investor who bought it at $68,000 at auction? or was it the company itself at the auction?

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