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    If I want to search available names from an excel sheet of few thousand names, I don't get desired results on major bulk domain search websites.
    I need something that allows to hide 'Unavailable' and 'Premium' names and list available names for hand reg.

    What I tried-
    1. GoDaddy bulk search- It lists more then 60 percent as freely available but ends up with an error- We couldn't add your domain to the cart. Try again later.
    Basically the search is not reliable and lists most of premium or unavailable names as available on first screen. Later the Cart refuses to accept the selected name for fresh reg price.

    2. NameCheep bulk search- It gives me the option to filter 'Unavailable' and 'Premium' but the search never ends up with results with these filters applied. The hour glass keeps rotating till infinity. With said filters removed, the results are displayed instantly but then need to scroll a mile to manually check what names are available.

    3. bulk search- Almost instant response but lacks the filters to hide 'Unavailable' and 'Premium'.

    Is there any other website that I missed that may give me my desired search or I need to live with what's available. :)

    Any information or suggestion is welcome and appreciated.
    God bless.
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  3. Akhilesh.Kumar

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    This is great.
    Absolutely what I wanted.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you....

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