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i go to namebio and use the keywords of a domain i own ( its a two word domain ) and it ends on .org

i have a question regarding the process i am testing, to see if it makes sense
i am using it so see the average prices those sites got
its from the high xx to mid xxx
which is good

the problem i find is that only 10 similar websites sold in over 5 years.

my question is does this means that that word combinations and tld simply wont sell.

or should i completely ignore the data and use it only for comparison purposes and continue with this process to see average prices of similar domains

thank you,
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use it only for comparison purposes

i'd say that's your best bet.
you can't compare your domain to a past sale,
because each name and each previous owner is unique.

waiting 5 years for sale, is no time... when looking back.

xx and low xxx are probably wholesale transactions.

What I do is selecting only venues that usually report retail sales, so when researching comparable retail sales I only pick the following venues:
- Private, Sedo, Afternic, BuyDomains, DomaimMarket

Please note that Dan sales are reported under Private venue category.
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Study is important but things are shifting so fast
like XYZ, than crypto boom, NFT, Meta, Web 3 ...
You have to know if its good or not without any stats but NameBio is a good place to start. Most of the sales are at wholesale prices that are reported there.

There is no way to know except knowing the name but I highly recommend a beginner stick with dot coms.