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    Knowing what has sold, for what prices, and where is key intelligence for the successful domain investor. The main source of such information is the NameBio database.

    I am publishing at NameTalent a series of guides on using NameBio. The first of these is now up. It covers the following topics;
    • What is NameBio?
    • How to do a basic search, exact word, or start/end with a certain term
    • How to restrict to certain extensions, time periods and sales venues
    • How to restrict the search to price ranges (such as sales up to a certain price, or only over a certain price, or in a price range).
    • How to use the Category and Subcategories feature to restrict to sales in a certain niche
    • An overview of what venues are and are not included in the NameBio database
    • Brief discussion of what biases that may produce in the search results
    • A few other hints such as searches on the crypto category
    This was intended primarily for those new to domain investing, although hopefully even experienced domainers might pick up a tip or two. Here is a link to the post.


    It is part of a series on using NameBio that will probably have four parts. Future posts will deal with using NameBio to find comparators for compound (multi-word) domain names, searching for number and letter patterns, finding median prices when they are not part of provided statistics, looking at trends (and some caveats related to that from temporal changes in the reporting venues), using the database to search for domain hack sales data, and a few other topics. All will be published at NameTalent.

    I will post in this thread when each new segment goes live at NameTalent.

    As always, welcome corrections, comments and suggestions.

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  2. J Sokol

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    This is very helpful @Bob Hawkes -- I haven't yet mastered the fine points of searching on NameBio.
  3. vravis9

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    That is great...

    I am daily using it...but when it comes to adjusting for NNNN or CVCV I take's like trial and error method.. :)

    I am not sure how to filter to get only hyphenated names...

    This guide is definitely needed for beginners...

    Thanks @Bob Hawkes
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    @Bob Hawkes very well written thank you very much for sharing, J
  5. Barbara987

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