.com Stuart Lawley buys AgePass.com and AgeBlock.com for new blockchain based business



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Stuart Lawley who most know from .xxx, (which he sold to MMX for $41million) has a new business and it's called AVSecure.com. The business is using the blockchain to provide age verification. AVSecure enables the consumer to manage access on their local devices rather than through an unrelated remote network. The consumer's browser becomes the central point in the process, not the servers or … [Read more...]
I really wonder how successful can this company be. Everybody is so used to providing something physically. It's a simple transaction. And now they have to trust some unkown system in the cloud, where the customer has to input some long verification code. And secondly. If parents think this is to block their children's access to adult websites and social media? I don't think so. They can just go to another device which isn't blocked.
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