StockPhoto(.)com sold for $250,000 on flippa make an offer for

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    Make an offer

    The term "PHOTOS" has 2.2 Billion search results in Google. And it has an exact phrase match of a whopping 450,000 searches a month globally.

    stock photos have 110,000 search volume

    'Photos' is the is the 803rd most popular topic on the internet by Domain count.

    Other possible ideas -
    It can be used to create a photography community like 500px(.)com (Alexa rank- 951) pixoto(.)com (Alexa rank - 17,179) for photographers to share their work and can also sell their best photos. The site can charge them a small fee and also can make revenue through ads and licences.
    Type "photo" in google and the first result is "Photo(.)net" which is a photography community which has an alexa rank of 7,397! Type "photos" you get "" as the first search result which sells posters, photos, wall-art, frame-art etc.
    So the SEO potential of this domain is HUGE!

    StockPhoto(.)com sold for $250,000 on flippa

    Make an offer for

    Registrar: Namecheap
    Registered On:2020-04-25
    Expires On:2021-04-25

    Payment: Paypal
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