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hi everyone - thought it might be a good idea to find out if sports gTLD's are in demand, and which ones.

there are endings like .team & .football. these are the 2 that come to attention. not sure if there are others. you would think that sports teams would be eager to snatch up their name in the given extension. for example, barcelona.football would be valuable, but just how valuable? any estimates? care to assess a ballpark figure on the value of a name like that?

have noticed that most (EPL) premier league teams snapped up their .football names quick except for a few that did not, now these are owned by private holders. what kind of deal will these holders ask?

also noticed that NFL head office owns several of the NFL teams in the dot-team extension but not all. again, what kind of value do you assign, and does the value appreciate with time?

personally have around a half dozen of dot-football's: (2 laLiga teams, 2 French div 1 teams, 2 other Euro Champions League- level teams, one MLS team, and 2 from the Canadian ''gridion'' CFL football league) also 3 dot-team for NFL. have sent enquiry emails but so far no replies. but I've sent to the dns email, maybe I need to focus on the marketing management with a specific person.

thanks for your views and ideas on this. these should go to their rightful owners but how much marketing is appropriate?


b.t.w. I should also add that I know for certain I will never be more than a ''hobby'' domainer since I have so many other interests that take precedence for my time and attentions. but domaining, being a hobby, should be (for me) fun above all. as long as the fun is there, it can also be a positive learning experience.
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