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    I have gone through beginners posts many a times but I still have doubts which can only be clarified if experienced people like oyu can guide me.

    As my posts suggest that I am relatively new to the scene. I have a ton of questions and I cannot find those specific answers for them. Please help me and guide me regarding the same. Here goes nothing;

    1. Country specific Domains like .ca .in .us etc require you to be a resident of the country. So should I spend time in wondering that I can buy them or not? Or I should simply move on from them?
    2. I have domain names (Some old some new, a lot of them bought just because they felt right at that time and I know I will be losing money on them), But what I am not aware of is how do I monetize the domains. How do I make money from them? Do I Park them and wait for something to happen? Do I make micro-websites and work on the SEO to drive traffic on them? Even if I develop them how will I make money off of them when I do not have a Google Ad-sense Account?
    3. Again I do not have an Ad-sense account what now?
    4. After I have created Micro-websites and also am driving traffic on them, when do I know that I should stop my inputs on the domains. I understand that not every domain name is the same and also they do not give the same returns as well. But apart from experience are there any quick ways to know when to stop investing in a domain (as to SEO and other expenses) and make sure that I can make the best out of what I have invested?
    5. Is investing/buying a fresh domain name waste of money? I believe that the said domain name has a good keyword and people might want to acquire it some time soon.
    6.I use ExpiredDomains to look for domains that are about to expire. Now I find buying them through a backorder at times is a bit expensive, to avoid making a costly mistake I would be really interested on knowing what pair of filters should I search for? I usually go for the number fo times the keyword has been searched on Google. If I can get a short list of the pair of Filters that I should apply before searching for domain, it will help everyone in the forum I think :)

    Wow this is huge. Thanks in advance, I hope since my questions are specific so I am not breaking any rules nor am I offending any seriors :)
    Have a Blast guys and TIA :)
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    Some do require residency (like .uk .us .ca .de .au)
    and some do not (like .io .ai .me .tv .in .co .cc .me .ly .to)

    Those which do not are called commercial ccTLDs. some of them are trendy from time to time.

    For example : Right now .ai and .io are hot now and trends of .me .ly .to .cc have passed.

    But trading in ccTLDs is a whole different art than .coms they are orders of magnitude less valuable than .coms

    Sometimes a particular TLD is attached (is not by law but by trend) with specific industry, so choose your domains carefully, not every keyword makes sense in every TLD.

    for example .ai is attached with AI and ML so wont make sense.

    .io is attached with tech startups and .co is valuable as 1 word brand names. .in sells in short ( you will have to learn a lot in that particular 1 TLD before you choose it your game.
    I suggest do 10-15 days research on 1 TLD alone before you start registering/bidding on them.

    As a rule of thumb any 2 word keyword is generally valuable only in .com . So stick to one words in ccTLDs.
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  3. frank-germany

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    sell them
    stop it now - it a waste of time
    yes do so if you know what you do
  4. Deepak Bhandari

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    i like .co extension

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