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Dear NamePros community,

I am excited to present an exceptional opportunity to acquire the domain Sold, a true treasure with immense historical value. This domain holds cultural significance as it is linked to the esteemed figures of Naa Govind and Tan Tin Wee, who have been honored in the Internet Hall of Fame for their groundbreaking contributions.

Dr. Tan's involvement in the development of IDN plays a pivotal role in our current digital landscape. The existence of this feature owes a great deal to his relentless efforts. Similarly, Govind has left an indelible mark through Back in its prime, the domain served as the launchpad for several influential newspapers spanning media and politics. Many of these newspapers have thrived and established themselves as reputable organizations.

Moreover, the unwavering support from various governments underscores the significance of this domain and its potential for further initiatives. Although 26 years have passed since its registration, the right individual can unlock the boundless possibilities that await with Whether you aim to raise funds for related ventures or add a valuable piece of internet history to your collection, this domain transcends its monetary value to become a cherished artifact.

The impact of extends beyond historical context to the realm of languages, particularly in East Asia. Languages like Burmese, Khmer, and Vietnamese have a direct connection to the Kanian standards, thanks to the pioneering efforts of the team. Even the Tamil language, deeply rooted in Singaporean culture, has a strong association with Naa Govindasamy, the original owner, is revered as a key figure in the Singaporean school curriculum. His name and story are widely known among Tamil students.

For a deeper dive into this captivating story, I invite you to explore on Google.

To this day, an annual conference is held in remembrance of the original team, carrying forth their aspirations. Naa Govindasamy is affectionately remembered as the Father of Tamil Internet. represents an extraordinary opportunity to own a tangible piece of internet history. Initially registered by Naa Govindasamy in 1995, this domain has been faithfully preserved by his family and estate since his untimely passing in 1999. However, the legacy he left behind, along with the contributions of his team, continued to shape our world. IDN, among other notable breakthroughs, emerged from their efforts. I invite you to conduct further research to uncover the numerous historical elements intertwined with this domain.

Let me make it clear that I am not solely presenting a monetary or marketing pitch for Instead, I extend an invitation for you to take over ownership and utilize it according to your vision. This domain encompasses far more than just CPCs and statistics; it holds a remarkable history that demands appreciation.

Allow me to introduce myself as John, someone who had the privilege of witnessing these groundbreaking events unfold during my teenage years in 1995 and 1996. For the past 26 years, I have cherished and safeguarded, but the time has come for me to release it. Given recent hardships, including those during the COVID period, I am seeking a passionate individual who recognizes the value and potential of this legendary domain.

Please feel free to leave your offers below, and by the end of the day, I will choose a suitable buyer. I wish you a purposeful day, filled with hope for the future.

To simplify the payment process, I recommend PayPal or Revolut bank transfer and all offers above $1 will be considered.

I have recently rebuilt the site contents using, ensuring its authenticity and preserving its originality. Although I made a misstep in a newer version of the domain hosted on, inadvertently removing some of its historical significance, I believe the true essence of history resides within itself.

Within this domain, dormant legends await a dedicated caretaker.
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Some additional musings...

Reasons why this domain holds immense historical significance.

The original team has ascended to the hall of fame in the realm of the internet era. These were the trailblazers who paved the way, and the domain has been continuously passed down.

I noticed an IDN section here. If not for Dr. Tan, this may not exist today in its current form.

In its prime, Govind, the domain and site, launched multiple newspapers spanning media and politics. Many of them still thrive today, having evolved into reputable organizations.

Governments have supported these initiatives.

Indeed, it has been 26 years. However, with the right individual, numerous possibilities still lie ahead. Perhaps you could consider fundraising for related ventures or adding this piece of internet history to your collection?

This domain is not a mere commodity; rather, it is a fragment of history.


Many of the present-day East Asian languages that have flourished online owe their existence to this revolutionary wheel of information dissemination.

Languages such as Burmese, Khmer, and Vietnamese can trace a direct connection to the Kanian standards.

In fact, when it comes to Tamil, Kanian...

Today, the original proprietor, Naa Govindasamy, is a part of the Singaporean school curriculum. Every Tamil student in Singapore is familiar with his name and his story.

Look up the tale; it is truly captivating in its own right.

To this day, an annual conference is held, carrying on the goals set by the original team members. They fondly remember him as the Father of Tamil Internet.

Search for the Father of Tamil Internet. - A Piece of Internet History - Catalyst for the Unicode Tamil standards, and its leader, Tan, is the driving force behind IDN domains. This same team, which resolved those issues, owned this site. It served as both a business and personal platform for the late Naa Govindasamy. He registered this domain in 1995.

Since his untimely passing in 1999 at the age of 52, the domain has remained in the possession of his family and estate. However, even then, he and his team members continued to expand, leaving an indelible impact on the world as we know it. IDN emerged from this team, among others. I'll leave it to you to delve deeper into the research. There are numerous historical pieces intertwined with this domain.

Therefore, I will refrain from making a monetary or marketing pitch for this domain.

Instead, I extend an invitation for you to assume ownership and utilize it as you see fit. There is more here than just CPCs and statistics. History is intertwined within.

This is what you can now possess.

My name is John, and as a teenager, I witnessed all of this unfold around me in 1995 and 1996.

I have held onto this domain for 26 years since then, and now it is time to let it go.

My recent hardships, particularly during the COVID period, have led me to accept this and seek someone who wishes to take over ownership.

Please leave your offer below, and I will accept one by the end of the day.

Wishing you a purposeful day, and here's to the future.

In terms of payment, let's keep it simple with either PayPal or Revolut bank transfer.

I recently reconstructed the site contents from Otherwise, it remains untouched.

On, there is a newer version of the domain that omits the historical aspects, a blunder on my part at the age of 20.

Now, I believe the history is better preserved there.

Sleeping legends reside within.

And they seek a caretaker.

- John
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Renewal Price - $8 to $9
Payment Options - PayPal, Revolut, PayNow, Pay Lah, Bank Transfer

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Still Available for 150usd. (This price is only valid for the next few hours. )

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Domain is still available.
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