auction *****.Site - Domain hack $0 / Great domain for web masters. / sold for $15000

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THIS DOMAIN SOLD. Username is not valid.Top Member
*****.Site - Domain hack
Start $0
Min inc $1
Auction ends 50 hours after the last bid
Registrar is Dynadot
Payment is dynadot marketplace
Renewal standard
Expires On 2024-03-25 sold for $15000
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It was brought to our attention that the exact renewal amount was not transparent in this listing as out lined in the rules.

6.1.6. Each domain name in a sales listing must include its registrar, payment options, and the following under specific circumstances:
  • Expiration date if it is expiring within 3 months, unless the seller agrees to cover its 1 year renewal cost for the buyer, whereby the buyer must request this option within 7 days after an agreement is reached.
  • Renewal price, unless it is less than or equal to $15 USD at its current registrar.
    Tip: Consider also including the price to transfer/renew the domain name at a different registrar, especially if it's less expensive than renewing at its current registrar.
Simply stating "Standard Renewal" is misleading and does not comply with the less than or equal to $15 rule.

Listing closed / All bids void / Misleading renewal cost
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