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    The domains you renew are just as important as the domains you hand register and the domains you just grabbed at via backorder or dropcatch or purchased at auction (closeouts and expireds).

    The domains we keep are valuable at least we believe them to be. So the day we decide to keep our domains for another year is just as important as paying to register a new domain. There's something to be said about that fact. Side be side in fact many times when we hand register a domain depending on how the "tasting" works out we might even delete the new hand reg before 5 days are up so we can get a refund if the registrar allows it. But a domain you've been renewing year after year? There has to be a reason why.

    In that sense renewed domains are far more valuable or equally as valuable as handreg domains or domains caught via dropcatch. The "Your reg of the day" thread has 44,149 and 2,212,393 views. People post on there their handreg because they want to showoff their brand new domains. Many just want to see if people like their handreg. I do the same.

    Same goes with the "Snap or purchase of the day" thread.

    I think it's more significant what you've kept over the years than what you just handreg today. Many domains in the handreg and snap section often times a year later are allowed to expire and delete. So how is that significant? But domains you keep renewing? That's a lot more substantial. Take pride in not just what you handreg and Snap via backorder and dropcatch but show how proud and confident you are of your inventory that you are willing to pay another $8-$10 or more to renew it for another year. Now that's the true sign of value.

    The info you provide here can also be useful to other domainers maybe even newbies about what domains should be renewed. It will be good to see what people renew year after year and see which keywords have "staying power".

    I added Transfer(s) but that's basically the same as saying renewal(s) since a transfer to another registrar technically adds an extra year to a domain's life.

    I'll begin.
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    As you think about posting here. Consider this.

    Every opportunity to promote your domain IS an opportunity.

    Your Reg of the day allows you to promote your domain AS SOON AS YOU REG IT. So right from start you are already ahead of the game.

    But what if you forgot to post it there? and then finally remember to do so say 1 month or 3 months or even six months later? Wouldn't posting there then be considered "off topic" as your handreg isn't technically "of the day".

    Your Snap or Purchase of the day (no handregs). This one gives you the opportunity to post domains you've just bought via dropcatch or backorder or ones you've purchased from aftermarket THAT DAY. this is another opportunity to promote your domain right from the start. and yet if you forget to do it as soon as you get it? It's off topic as it is not "of the day".

    Not that any of the OP for these thread would mind if the domains are not "of the day", I'm sure they don't care and no one does really.

    Both above are opportunities to promote your domains on Namepros to get the word out.

    Well now you have yet another new opportunity to promote your domains. Why not use it?

    who is going to start it?

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