Should I register such domain for traffic?

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Hi! Trying to understand parking business mechanics, and gathering some facts.

I have a question, that's only my particular case...

If some domain has BL about 5k with about 4k linked domains, all links are quality ones, different GEO, lot of natural anchores, etc. Should I get it?
Alexa about 15m, as google tools say...

What possible traffic could such domain make? 100? 1000? or zero anyway?

How do you make traffic estimations? I am not asking to show secrets, just common technics.

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Search traffic, overflowing traffic from other extensions, quality backlinks - can all be contributing factors to residual traffic.

Forget domains that have thousands of backlinks. I rarely buy names with over 100. Do your homework on the backlinks and seek out the probable GEO origin of most of the potential traffic. Not all international traffic shares the same value-structure.
for starters:

you have to know specifically where those links are on each page, of the respective website where they reside.

also, the popularity of those websites and the relationship of that link, to the interest of those who visit that website.

I would consider that link traffic and not type-in traffic. Type-in traffic is worth the most. Link traffic can be hit and miss but for long term try and buy names that have type-in traffic and find a good way to monetize them. But if you can make money doing the link traffic then do it.

I would just rather have life-time of traffic as opposed to short-term unpredictable traffic.

Good luck
I would never buy a domain with more than 200 backlinks and you are talking here about 4.000+ :O? Never, ever. :)